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The Human Design Map is a 100+ page deep-dive guide based on the most important elements of your Human Design.

The map is comprehensive, practical, and highly actionable. The synthesis of information in the map far exceeds what you will find for free online, in books, courses, or even paid readings.

It even includes magickal touches and insights that you won't find anywhere else.

In your map, you'll get clear and practical details about your:

Type + Strategy

Your type and strategy illuminate the sacred way for you to engage with the world. When you engage with life in your sacred way, it creates more ease, flow, and abundance in your life. By following your Strategy, you will meet less resistance, increase magical synchronicities, and flow more easily through life.


Your authority is the source of inner wisdom that will guide you to “correct” decisions. It shows you where that wisdom resides and gives you the signs and signals to pay attention to as you navigate your path. Once you are in tune with your inner wisdom, it becomes a reliable way for you to know how to move forward in your life.


Your profile is the effortless way that you see the world, your natural approach to life, and your unique role in expressing your energetic gifts. It adds a layer of nuance, dimension, and depth to the rest of your design and it helps you embody your unique gifts.

It also goes into depth about the four gates of your incarnation cross:

Conscious Sun Gate

Your conscious sun gate is the most significant gate in your Incarnation Cross. It is the magic wand for your whole life; waving this wand gets you "unstuck" from almost any situation in you may face.

Conscious Earth Gate

Your conscious earth gate is the energy that grounds you and is your most reliable tool for finding your center. It serves as a solid foundation that supports your "magic wand" and helps you navigate life in a practical way.

Unconscious Sun Gate

Your unconscious sun gate is the place where shadows transform into light. As a human being, you will encounter feelings of inadequacy and "not-enoughness" throughout your life. In many cases, they will be in connection with your unconscious sun gate. By diving deep into the gifts of this aspect of your chart, you discover your most potent tool for transforming your inadequacies into magnetism.

Unconscious Earth Gate

Your unconscious earth gate is the unique spiritual path you are here to walk. It connects you to yourself, your community, the collective, and the cosmos. In other words, it’s a hotline that connects you directly with that thing that some call God.

For each of these areas of your design, you will get clearly defined and empowering information about:

the keynotes (the gates of your incarnation cross will also include magickal correspondences like crystals, animals, sound healing frequencies, and more!)

the full spectrum of potential expression

the empowering beliefs to cultivate on purpose

taboo and golden shadow traits that you are likely to “wrestle” with

specific self-care practices to put your map into action

The map is laid out in an easy-to-digest format with full instructions on how to use each section.

With your map, you can actually USE the information in your life instead of just spinning in the endless Human Design rabbit hole.

And, of course, it will be filled to the brim with affirmation, validation, and recognition of the Truth that lives inside of you.

It will show you that you can trust what you know to be true for you and there is nothing more powerful than that.

To give you even deeper guidance and support, you'll also get:

The Deconditioning Toolbox: Your design gives you the map but the toolbox gives you the “inner work” skills you need to navigate your path with clarity and Grace.

Ongoing access to Online Q + A and Coaching Discussions with Christie Inge and team.

Online library of previous Q + A


Accurate birth details are required to make your map. It may take up to six weeks for your map to be delivered. All sales are final.

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